Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Democrats--Literally a Physical Danger to You

Since creating this website a few months ago, I've taken a certain amount of flack for it.  Of course, Liberals have been mortally offended by it--no surprise there...but I've found that even some Conservatives or Republicans whom I've interacted with have shied away from the website or from some of my comments.  To be sure, the idea that a political party has crossed the gulf from "disagreeable political opponent" to "national security threat that must be dealt with"--the very idea that this website is built around--is more than a little uncomfortable for many Americans of all political stripes and ideologies.  Promoting ideas of stripping Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights away from Liberals and Democrats (which I have done on this site and elsewhere, and which I will continue to do) seems antithetical to many people, even to many of those who are victimized daily by Liberals.  We want to believe that all of our fellow Americans have some good in them, deep down.  We want to believe that we can disagree without being disagreeable...despite the violence and attacks on our nation that we see from Democrats.  We want to believe that somewhere, somehow, there is some degree of common ground that we all have.  Make no mistake, those are very powerful and attractive desires...even if they are not true.

But as I write this piece on June 14, 2017, we are only about a half day removed from a brutal and cowardly attack on Representative Steve Scalise (and other Republican reps in the line of fire) by a deranged, Liberal, Bernie Sanders supporter.

It is days like this that are the reason that I created this website.  It is days like this that are why I have dedicated my life to the elimination of Liberalism and the Democratic Party in America.

Today we have seen a Democrat--a man who lived a seemingly normal life in Belleville, Illinois, a seemingly normal Midwestern town, albeit one that the Democratic Party is dominant in--attempt to assassinate sitting Republican office-holders.  This was a man who owned a business in Belleville, was married for years, and to most people on the surface, would have seemed to be a regular guy.  Not atypical from the average Democrat who is politically involved at the local level which you and I might see in any of our own neighborhoods.  And yet, beneath that surface was the same violent, destructive motivation that we've seen out of Ferguson thugs and "protesters" and roaming Antifa gangs who have committed destructive violence on College Campuses and our major cities.

After the attack, we saw countless Liberals on social media praising this would-be assassin...some of them commenting that, because of Scalise's opposition to Obamacare, he deserved what happened to him.  The examples of Liberals--most of them regular everyday folks who work alongside of us and live alongside of us--who took joy in this brutality are too numerous to name.  Likewise, over the last couple of years, we saw many of these same people take joy in the violence and destruction in places like Ferguson...we saw them align with thugs like Black Lives Matter who exist as little more than a group that glorifies criminals and who take joy in the deaths of police...we saw them praise the violence at Trump rallies during the campaign...we saw them approve of the violence and destruction in Washington on Inauguration Day.

In other words, this is no isolated fringe of the Demcoratic Party...

...this is who they are.  Who they ALL are.

The entire party and ideology is one, huge, lunatic fringe.  Not only are they a lunatic fringe, but they are a group of people who wish to completely destroy the pillars and traditions of our society--to say nothing of it's history--and to replace it with their vision of a Utopia of Equality.  And they are fine with killing in order to achieve this end goal.  There is no such thing as a "reasonable" Liberal.  There is no such thing as a "respectable" Democrat.  They all want America, as we know it, to be brought to it's knees and humbled.  They hate our nation, they hate our values...and by extension, they hate us.

They literally want to kill you and I.  Not just the Black Thug in the inner city...not just the drug-up college student with purple hair...but the kindly older woman or man who lives up the street from you that put the Hillary sign in their front yard last November...they may very well have you in their crosshairs.  The middle-aged feminist who works with you...she probably detests you and would love nothing more to hear of your demise.  And not only do they want you and I dead...but they want our nation, as we have always known it, to be dead as well.

This is why I have said, from the day I launched this website and long before on my radio program, that there cannot be reasonable discussion, compromise, or bi-partisanship with these people.  You cannot negotiate or collaborate with Liberals any more than you can collaborate with an axe murderer.  This is why I have advocated--alone, on many occasions--that the Democratic Party be literally outlawed in America.  That their voting rights, their representation in Congress, and their Civil Rights as a whole be denied to them.  It is clear they do not deserve them, and it is clear that to allow them to have rights and to participate in America will only do our nation harm over time.  And that it will only do physical harm to you and I.

No, I am not advocating for individual vigilante violence by our side towards the Left--this would only harm our cause in the long run (although I do believe that we should all be prepared and armed as we can be, in order to defend ourselves if and when we are attacked by Democrats, Urban Thugs, Illegal Aliens, or Garden Variety Criminals).  But what I am advocated is something far more pervasive.  I am advocating for the large-scaled disassociation of American society from the Left and from the Democratic Party.  Yes, I would like to see Democrats imprisoned simply for being Democrats.  Yes, I would like to have leaders of the Democratic Party run out of the country entirely.  Yes, I would even like to see Democratic voters put into re-education programs by which they could learn what it means once again to be an American, and by which we can facilitate their assimilation into normal society.

As we've seen today, our very lives depend upon it.