Monday, September 18, 2017

The Full Jason Stockley Verdict (Link)

By now you have undoubtedly seen and heard of the violent protests that have gripped the St. Louis area after the verdict in the Jason Stockley trial was released.  The verdict affirmed that Stockley--then a St. Louis police officer--legally and rightfully protected his life while in a self-defense situation with a heroin dealer who had backed into his car, fled, and then threatened Stockley when cornered.  Of course, the story told by Black Lives Matter, the local and national media, and the other usual "Blacktivists" that show up in these situations is quite different.  It is also quite wrong.

Read the verdict for yourself:  Here is a link to the FULL verdict released by the judge, which addresses every key point that the prosecution brought forth in the case. 

The Stockley Verdict

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