Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Read or Buy These Books Before They're Banned!

 In recent days, we have seen Simon and Schuster back out of a lucrative book deal with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley because of his principled objection to the 2020 Presidential Election results.  In addition, we have seen gargantuan tech companies and Social Media sites do all they can to remove Conservative users, ideas, and thought from their website (going to the point of actually throwing Parler off of Amazon's servers, and colluding with other tech companies to try and keep them from finding another home).  Also, over the last few years, online retailers and some brick and mortar bookstores have stopped carrying "controversial" titles--all in the name of promoting Social Justice.  No doubt we are entering a period in American History in which writing and thought that challenges Establishment norms in politics, government, and society are going to be in the crosshairs of those with enough power to restrict what we see, hear, and read.

Because of this, I have looked back at my own makeshift library...the books on my shelf that I have bought, read, and collected over the last thirty years.  Books that not only provided entertainment to me, but more profoundly, helped me to "think outside the box" in my political development, and assisted me in becoming the person I am today.  I cannot help but think that--sooner rather than later--future generations will not be able to benefit from many of these texts as I have...because of course, those who believe they know better than us would consider them "controversial" or "insensitive". 

With that, I wanted to share with you a comprehensive list of books that I have read and that I own, which I have greatly benefited from (and which, no doubt, the Establishment in America would rather you not see).  Each of these books was purchased by me, over the counter, in brick and mortar retailers over the last 30 years.  But I fear that in a short period of time--if the do-gooders and bleeding-hearts in our society have their way--you one day will not be able to purchase books like these either online or over the counter.  So do yourself a favor, and read as many of these books as you still can, while you still can...because there's a lot of people out there who don't want you to have the knowledge and wisdom contained in them.

My list of "Critical books you need to read while you still can" is as follows:

Black Rednecks and White Liberals--Thomas Sowell

Basic Economics--Thomas Sowell

Liberty vs. the Tyranny of Socialism--Walter E. Williams

American Contempt for Liberty--Walter E. Williams

The Way Things Ought To Be--Rush Limbaugh

New Deal or Raw Deal:  How FDR's economic legacy has damaged America--Burton Folsom Jr.

The Forgotten Man: A new history of the Great Depression--Amity Shlaes

Takeover:  The 100 year war for the soul of the GOP & how Conservatives can finally win it--Richard Viguerie

The South Was Right!--James Ronald Kennedy & Walter Donald Kennedy

Great Society:  A new history--Amity Shlaes

America:  Imagine a world without her--Dinesh D'Souza

A Conservative History of the American Left--Daniel J. Flynn

Righteous Indignation--Andrew Breitbart

Suicide of a Superpower--Patrick J. Buchannan

Flyover Nation--Dana Loesch

Unfreedom of the Press--Mark Levin

The People Have Spoken (And They Are Wrong):  The case against democracy--David Harsanyi

What Would The Founders Say?--Larry Schweikart

And last but most certainly not least...

The Holy Bible--God