Wednesday, October 21, 2020

This isn't an Election...It's a War!

Three and a half years ago, when I began this website, I did so by considering and examining a particular question--What do you do when an opposing political party crosses the line from being simply "loyal opposition", and instead becomes a National Security Threat?  At the time I asked that question--both on my podcast/radio show ("America's Evil Genius", which you can download at , simply go to the "On Demand" tab), and in my initial writings on this website--the premise seemed to take many readers and listeners aback.  Wasn't I going to far in claiming that the Democratic Party was a "National Security Threat"?  Surely, I was falling into the trap of hyperbole...the Democrats in America couldn't be that bad, could they?

Well, let's take a look at what we've seen out of them since those days.

Violence in our streets is so common (both from day-to-day Urban Crime, and now, in the name of "protesting" anytime a police officer brings a criminal to justice who is threatening his life) that we are no longer surprised to  hear of it anymore.  Not a day goes by in which you don't read or hear about a story in which someone was assaulted in the streets for wearing a Trump hat or displaying "Blue Lives Matter" iconography (in fact, such an incident happened just last week just a few miles down the road in St. Charles, MO).  In fact, it's almost become predictable and...dare I say it...mundane. And heaven forbid you actually have the temerity to defend yourself from any of this violence...because then you'll end up being charged with felonies as happened to The McCloskey's in St. Louis and Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha.

Democratic Governors, Mayors, and Local Officials across the nation enforcing "lockdown " and "stay at home" orders which crippled the economy...determining what businesses were "essential" and what businesses weren't (meanwhile, I've never met a working class person in my life who didn't believe their paycheck to be "essential", no matter what their occupation was...but during 2020, Democrat leaders in cities and towns all across the nation didn't share this outlook)...regulating the most basic and ordinary of tasks in your daily life...forcing you to wear a mask over your face, despite inconclusive evidence as to whether doing so will actually help anything, and ignoring the dangers of one breathing in their own carbon dioxide consistently (weren't we always told in school that this was as bad thing to do?)...all in the name of a "deadly virus" that only kills 3% (or less) of the people who are infected by it, and less than 0.1% of the American population as a whole.

The FBI pairing with Democratic politicians to engineer a coup against a sitting, duly elected President (in the name of "Russian Collusion" for which there was never a speck of evidence) simply because he committed the "unpardonable sin" of actually speaking for the American People and running for office (and winning) because advocated for their positions on the key issues.

Silencing of your voice and muting of your opinion by Big Tech Leftists on Social Media platforms, and egregious attempts by Big Tech and the Journalistic Establishment to to control your access to information and news.  Continual gaslighting (i.e. "Fact Checking" that is anything but factual) by establishment media and Big Tech in an attempt to hide the truth and advance their agendas.

And all of this is just a partial list.

Over the last several years--and in 2020, particularly--your voice has been muted in society, your life has been micromanaged, your economy has been ruined, your property and your physical security has been placed in constant danger.  The Soviet Union in the Cold War, The Japanese or the Germans in World War II, or England in the Revolution could hardly have hoped to accomplish such a list of results against us in their respective heydays.

I hate to say "I told you so" (No...really...I don't like being able to say it in this case), and I genuinely wish I had been wrong when I asked that question over three years ago.  But I wasn't.  I have--sadly--proven to have been accurate on who the Democrats are, and what their intentions are for America.  You have seen it nearly every day in 2020.

As I write this piece, we have an election in just two and a half week's time.  Some have speculated if this election will be the last straw that leads to a Civil War in the United States.  And while many of those speculators are saying such things just to generate web clicks or to get eyeballs onto their work...the fact of the matter is that these people are late to the party.  America is ALREADY in a Civil War.  Now, it has been a "cold" Civil War up to this point (although in some cities, it seems to have risen to the level of a "Lukewarm Civil War" I suppose)...but it is a Civil War nonetheless.  There is one group of people, one political party, who is intent on usurping America, it's values, it's traditions, it's history...and replacing it with a set of ideals and philosophies that are foreign to this nation and it's culture.  And they have demonstrated over the last several years that they will do anything--including engaging in death and destruction--in order to conquer this nation.

And it is that insurgency whom we will do battle with at the ballot box in November (and possibly, in the streets as well...though we rational people certainly hope it doesn't come to that).  Make no mistake, the 2020 election is not simply a battle between two differing political views.  It is instead a battle between The United States of America (represented by President Trump) on one side against a massive National Security Threat and danger to our lives (represented by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris) on the other.  On November 3, ballots will be our weapons (and let us all pray that those are the only weapons that we will be forced to use)...and it is imperative that we use those ballots to protect this nation, and to do as much damage as possible to America's enemies...just as you would use a gun, a cannon, or an nuclear bomb in any other war.

America will not survive if Joe Biden "wins" (read:  "Cheats his way to the White House").  Vote like your life and your nation depend on it...because this time, they actually do.