Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Russia or The Democrats--Which one is the National Security Threat?

So here we go again--the media is back on the Russia warpath.  This time they're harping about a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton.  Cue the cries of "impeachment" and "treason"...again.  Setting aside the fact that, at this point, none of the "horrible" allegations have been proven (just as all of the previous litany of "administration-ending" allegations turned out to be unproven), ask yourself this:

If it turned out the Trump campaign did get a bit of help from Russia to bring down Hillary and the there anything wrong with that?

Think about it--the main argument being made by the Liberals and Democrats is that Trump's supposed collusion with Russia opens us up to being vulnerable to a national security threat, or a "key enemy".  But is Russia really more of a national security threat than the Left and the Democratic Party in America currently are?  After all, consider some of the recent actions of Leftists/Democrats:

A Democratic House Member physically threatened President Trump

Democrat threatens Senator Jeff Flake, says protesters will have "better aim"

Violent Anti-Trump Protests in Portland

"Women's March" Organizer calls for Jihad against President Trump

And of course, how can we forget the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise by a crazed Democrat (is there any other kind of Democrat?) back in June?  Or the repeated cries from Liberals that Scalise had it coming because of his stance on government healthcare?

All of these are only a partial list--we could spend pages relaying the examples of Liberal violence against normal, hard-working Americans.  To say nothing of their constant calls for "tolerance" and "acceptance" of the Muslim Terrorists and Illegal Aliens that place you and I in danger each day.  I mean, hey...assassination attempts on  Republican politicians are something we're just supposed to accept--the "cost of doing business" if you will...but Islamophobia?  That's something we must *totally* abandon as a nation!  (Even though it's those very Muslims that are literally killing Americans in the streets).

There is no such thing as a "reasonable" Democrat or Liberal.  They are literally deadly in their intentions--whether towards each of us individually, or to the nation and our culture as a whole.  Their entire ideology is based upon tearing down our nation's history and ideals...and replacing them with their own twisted view of "utopia".  How can one possibly hope to do that be any means other than violent ones?

Now, Russia is certainly not a band of angels.  But for all the kvetching of their actions in the Ukraine or elsewhere...have any of these actions placed any of us in danger?  Has it been the Russians flying planes into our buildings or murdering Americans in the streets?  Is it Russians sneaking across the border and taking over our streets with their drug trade and their violence?

The answer, of course, is no.

When the average American wakes up in the morning and leaves his home--trying to make a better future for his family and himself...looking to protect the security and safety of his family and is not the Russians that worry him or are a danger to him.  Instead, the criminals and terrorists he must protect himself and his family from reside within those groups that are currently part of the Democratic "coalition".

No, it's not the Russians that are the national security is the Democrats and the Liberals.  Had the president colluded with Democrats, then that may very well be grounds for treason and impeachment.  But colluding with Russia?

Well, put it this way...if it did happen, then we should be thanking the Russians, not criticizing our President.

At the end of the day, it's the Democrats that need to be incarcerated or institutionalized...every last one of them.  If the Russians can play a role in helping bring that about, then good for them.

Though there's no proof that it's happened...but if it did, I most certainly wouldn't mind.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So Twitter is being a Douche...

Quick post here--tonight I found this article by Kimberly Morin, discussing a Democrat House member who has threatened President Trump:

Democrat House Member Threatens Trump. Hat Tip: Kimberly Morin at The Federalist Papers Project

Now, as with many interesting articles, I tried to share it on Social Media.  Shared it on Facebook, no problem.  But when I tried to link to it on Twitter--I got a message that my activity looked "automated", and they were protecting people from "spam" or "malicious" activity.

As though telling the truth about Democrats is somehow "malicious" or "spam".

So here's what we're going to do.  Clearly, Twitter has identified certain websites as "Evil, Conservative websites" (I'm not sure if that's specifically the terminology they use internally...but c'mon, it can't be far off from that, now can it?).  However, this website flies so far under the radar (at least up to this point) that I doubt it's on any such "lists".  So I've posted the link to the article above...and you can share the article on this website through Twitter, so that everybody can be exposed to this story.

Here's the link, once again.

When a door is locked, go through the window...