Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So Twitter is being a Douche...

Quick post here--tonight I found this article by Kimberly Morin, discussing a Democrat House member who has threatened President Trump:

Democrat House Member Threatens Trump. Hat Tip: Kimberly Morin at The Federalist Papers Project

Now, as with many interesting articles, I tried to share it on Social Media.  Shared it on Facebook, no problem.  But when I tried to link to it on Twitter--I got a message that my activity looked "automated", and they were protecting people from "spam" or "malicious" activity.

As though telling the truth about Democrats is somehow "malicious" or "spam".

So here's what we're going to do.  Clearly, Twitter has identified certain websites as "Evil, Conservative websites" (I'm not sure if that's specifically the terminology they use internally...but c'mon, it can't be far off from that, now can it?).  However, this website flies so far under the radar (at least up to this point) that I doubt it's on any such "lists".  So I've posted the link to the article above...and you can share the article on this website through Twitter, so that everybody can be exposed to this story.

Here's the link, once again.


When a door is locked, go through the window...


  1. Great Job, Travis! :D

  2. You people are very very sick with hate. You call yourselves "patriots", but hate the Constitution, blacks, jews, catholics, dissenters of any kind.