Monday, July 15, 2019

Socialism: It's Far, Far Worse Than Racism

Stop me if you've heard this one before...but The Daily Beast and MSN both printed an opinion piece that brusquely stated, Trump is a racist. If you still support him, so are you.  You know the drill, I'm sure--some Liberal website pounces on something that President Trump said or did, pronounces the actions or words in question as "racist", and then uses that pronouncement as a free pass to define most or all of Trump's supporters as "racist".  This isn't exactly the treading of new ground, it must be said.

And no doubt, most of you know what comes next in these situations...supporters of the President vociferously--and accurately--point out that the words or actions of the President are not racist, and explain in painstaking detail why those actions or words are not racist.  The Left takes none of these well thought out and sensible defenses of the President--or of ourselves--seriously...continues to call us racist (even in the face of logic and proof otherwise) and they stick to their pronouncement (and their narrative) come Hell or high water.  We who are supporters of the President in these scenarios argue logic with these Leftists...but it seldom works, because they aren't interested in logic.  Instead, the are interested in Social Justice--the definition of which seems to ebb and flow depending on whatever they need that definition to be at that given moment.

And so, this all-to-familiar scenario is playing out once again.  This past weekend, the President called out four vocal, anti-American Senators, effectively telling them to go back where they came from.  The media, predictably, pounced on this, falsely calling it "racism".  And for the next 24 hours (or more) Americans argued about it--online, around the water cooler at work, at the bar...practically any place where human beings interact.  One group insisting the actions were racist and that anyone who supported the President's words were racist as well...another group defending the President and pointing out--accurately if not unsuccessfully--why the President (and themselves) are not "racist".

Just like we've seen countless times before.

But here's the thing--even though those of us who breathlessly defend the President in these situations are right to do so...getting mired in these argument about what is racist and what isn't racist...about whether the President is racist or not...about whether WE are racist or not...they all miss the point, at least somewhat.

Because, you see, these conflicts and arguments--purposely orchestrated as they always are by the Left--exist ONLY if everyone excepts the Leftist premise that racism is the most important issue facing America today.  Stop and think about it--why do Leftists constantly play the "race card"?  They do so because they believe that it automatically ends any conversation...that the charge of racism is so horrible, so severe, so unspeakable that the risk of being accused of racism--or worse yet, to be proven to be a racist--is enough to shame anyone into silence.  They put racism on such a high pedestal that they honestly believe that the presence of racism in a person's life invalidates every other positive achievement and contribution to society, even writing The Declaration of Independence and helping found this country! In the mind of the Leftist, racism is the single worst thing to ever happen to America and the single worst attribute of humanity, or of any indiviual.

But is that really so?  Is racism the single most important issue that America as a whole, or that we as individuals, have to deal with on a daily basis?

Well, let's wasn't racism that flew those planes into our buildings on September 11.  It isn't racism that is invading our Southern border (well, not racism on behalf of Americans, anyhow).  It isn't racism that is committing all of the robberies, thefts, murders, and rapes that occur on a daily basis.  It is not racism that has sent our manufacturing jobs overseas.  No...when it comes to those important life-or-death issues that we have to account for and deal with each and every day...racism doesn't play a role at all.

I'm certainly not suggesting that racism doesn't exist in America, certainly, it does (though it's certainly not a one-way much racism seems to be propagated towards Whites as anyone...but that's probably another discussion for another time).  But on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 represents the most pressing and important issues we face on a daily basis, and 1 represents the most minor of issues we face...

...I'd give racism about a 3 on that scale.

You see, just because Leftists believe that racism is a 10 out of 10 on that scale, it doesn't make it so.  And we are under no obligation to accept their flawed premise.  We don't have to take the bait.  So the next time they accuse the President--or you--of racism, perhaps the proper way to answer that charge is to say:

"No, it's not racist...but so what if it were?"

Force them to defend their premise that racism is the most important thing in the world, ever.   Force them into a conversation where racism is put into proper perspective when compared to real issues that impact regular people every day (and which might even be Life and Death issues, such as in the cases of Border Security and Illegal Immigration).  What so many of us know--but dare not say--is that there are things out there that are far worse than racism.

And one of those things is Socialism.

We could write volumes documenting the destructiveness, violence, loss of life, and abject poverty that has been brought about in the world because of Socialism (and indeed, many authors have done just this...their works are not hard to find).  And as bad as racism might be on some level, it certainly doesn't have the overall track record of depravity in human history that Socialism/Communism/Liberalism does.

And yet, "The Squad" (as these four vocal, Socialist senators have become known) are pushing Socialism, and accusing the President--and you and I--of racism.  But between the two, which is more harmful to America?

It isn't the President, it is "The Squad".

So we must take the power away from the word "racism" and accusations of it.  Stand up the the Left and say "so what if racism exists...there are far worse things".  If you take away their power behind that word...if you reject their demand that everybody recognize racism as "the single worst thing on planet Earth, ever"...if you stand up to them and make it clear how insignificant racism actually is in our overall lives...if you do these things, then you will force Liberals and Socialists to discuss ideas and issues that actually matter, and that actually have an impact on America.  And that ALWAYS works out to the advantage of those of us on the Right.

In the end, the Left only brings up accusations of racism as a distraction--a bait and switch, if you will.  Because deep down, they know that if they can get us distracted by discussing something as minor and insignificant as racism, then they don't have to discuss legitimate issues that actually matter.

So the next time a Liberals calls you (or our President) a racist, just say, "So what?  I'd rather be a racist than a Socialist!"

And Socialists all need to go back where they came from--as the President told The Squad.  Or at the very least, they all need to get the Hell out of America!