Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Question of Priorities

As I write this piece on March 22, we are only hours removed from a horrific Muslim Terrorist attack in London.  Likewise, we are just days removed from the horrific and unconscionable rape of a 14-year old girl in Maryland at the hands of an Illegal Immigrant.  And of course, on a day to day basis, we see countless examples of crime and violence that largely come to us via our urban ghettos. Sadly, none of this shocks us anymore--how could it, when we see similar things on a nearly ongoing basis in our lives these days?  Instead, these events--which would have been unfathomable to most of us at an earlier period in history--have become simply part of the ongoing treadmill of depravity and danger that you and I face each and every day when we walk out of our front doors.

These type of events--endless and ongoing as they seem to be--are concerns to us.  And rightfully so.  You and I are looking for ways to protect ourselves and our families from these types of actions both on an individual level, day-to-day...and also on a much larger scale basis.  We look to ways to protect ourselves as a nation and as a people from these sub-human pieces of trash that terrorize good people around the world.

Our safety, protection, and security are a major point of emphasis for all of us--likely the most important priority we all have when it comes to not only how we interact with our environment each day, but in how we expect our leaders and politicians to take action on the larger sense.  They shape our politics every bit as much as they shape our daily decisions (perhaps even moreso).  Incidents like London, Rockford, and countless others are exactly the types of things that hard-working, good people like you and I are demanding that our leaders and office holders attack and deal with above all other issues.  After all, if our families and ourselves are not safe in our own nation and in our own homes, then what else truly matters?

But while we've seen these horrific actions over the last week, what have the Democrats and Liberals in America been focused on during that same period?  One of their judges--yet again--shot down a new Travel Ban put forth by President Trump...a ban designed to keep people like those involved in the London and Rockford incidents (and countless others) out of our country.  The mayor of Los Angeles gave instruction for local law enforcement not to cooperate with ICE when it comes to crimes committed by Illegal Aliens.  Liberals and Democrats have been focused on finding some sort of connection between President Trump and Russia...a connection which would not be problematic even if they could find it and prove it (thus far, they can't...and they haven't even come close).  They have been focused on asking for Trump's tax returns (even, in the case of Rachel Maddow, breathlessly waving around two pages of an old tax return she illegally obtained, claiming that it showed something problematic that most of the American public didn't think was out of the ordinary when they saw it).  They have focused on complaining about a budget proposed by President Trump (as opposed to all the recent years without a budget during the Obama Administration), shouting from the mountaintops of the "injustice" that federal funding will be cut off from Meals on Wheels...federal funding that comprises a only a mere 3% of that program.

To put it bluntly, while both President Trump and while we who voted for him have been focused on the most critical issues we face--the safety and security of ourselves and our loved ones--the Democrats have been focused on far more trivial ideas.  While Democrats have been focused on the theory of rights and law when it comes to Muslim Terrorists and Illegal Aliens, we have been focused on the real-life implications and effects of allowing these people to exist in our nation.  While the Left continues to try and convince America that Russia is some sort of modern threat, we turn on the TV and see the disturbing video of yet another attack from America's real threat--the Islamic World.

In short, Democrats seem to be approaching political decisions from a theoretical or philosophical standpoint--as though they are in some sort of debating society or college-level political science course.  Meanwhile, we and President Trump are approaching these decisions with the realization that our very lives are on the line, and that the time for "theory" and "philosophy" is long past...instead, the time for blunt, decisive, and even violent action is at hand.

If you ever needed an illustration of the clear dichotomy between the two parties or the two ends of the political spectrum in America, this last week or two would be as good of an illustration as you are likely to find.

We are confronted by an era of history which is a matter of life and death--both on an individual basis and on the basis of Western Culture as a whole.  And as we are confronted with this most sobering and vital of challenges...the Democrats seem to approach this same era as though they are merely approaching an essay question on some University exam.

This is why Democrats and Liberals must be totally prevented from taking part in American politics, or in the decisions of American society as a whole...because they are proving--in real time--that they do not have the maturity or discernment to understand the gravity of the problems we face, much less how to begin attacking those problems.

The American People and the Christian People are literally fighting for our lives...and the Democrats are going on about Taxes, Russia, & Multiculturalism.  That, in a nutshell, tells you all you need to know.

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