Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Reflections and Reconsiderations for a New Year

Now that the calendar has changed, and we are one week into the new year of 2020, we find ourselves at a point of reflection. A common action, of course, for most of us when the year changes...a new year is a natural point for each of us to take a "temperature check" of our lives--what's working?  What isn't working?  What would we like to improve?  What would we like to keep?  From our health, to our relationships, to our professional situation, to any number of other aspects of our life...it seems that the turning of a new year provides us a natural point at which to take stock of it all and reflect on where we are, where we're wanting to go, and how best to get there.

As a part of this natural process, I have reflected, over the last couple of weeks or so, on this website.  When I initially put this site together nearly three years ago, I did so by considering and examining one question:  "What should a people or a nation do in the event that one of it's political parties has crossed the line from disagreeable political opponent...and has become, instead, a national security threat?"  The thesis put forth in my initial article on this site--and subsequently reinforced in nearly all of the other pieces I have written here--is that the Democratic Party is a National Security Threat--one which endangers the lives of Americans living in our nation today, and one which intends to destroy the future of our nation, as we currently know it.  As such, this site was put together as a mechanism of re-thinking how to interact with a rogue political party who is endangering our very nation--and even our lives.  But as the new year has come, I am asking myself, "Is that still the case--are the Democrats still a National Security Threat, and do we still need to take extreme measures in order to prevent them from accessing our political process--or have things moved in a different direction?  Is it possible that I over-estimated the danger and threat of the Democratic Party three years ago when I began this endeavor?"

As I began reflecting on these questions, I started by looking at what we are hearing out of the Democratic Presidential candidates during the Presidential debates we have seen over the last year.  In doing so, I noticed some things that went far beyond simple and understandable political disagreement, and moved into that territory of the Democrats being a clear and present danger to America and American Citizens.  We heard many of the candidates speak glowingly of Illegal Aliens--espousing different mechanisms and potential policies that would not only make it easier for these criminals to come into the country, but would also use our hard-earned tax dollars to make their lives more comfortable once they get here...all as these candidates ignored the crime, economic problems, and literal dead bodies that have resulted from the presence of Illegal Aliens.  We also heard Democratic candidates--without fail--praise the continued murder of unborn babies...and even suggest policies that would extend this ghastly "right" to even later in the pregnancy process, insuring even more infants would be murdered before they even had a chance to live.  And we even saw Beto O'Rouke casually and flippantly tell the nation "Hell Yes, We are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47"...removing the means that many fine Americans have to defend themselves from criminals, home invaders, Illegal Aliens, and even ultimately, their Federal Government.

So my process of reflection was already headed down the road of, "I guess I was right, the Democrats really are a dangerous National Security Threat" on the basis of what we heard in the debates alone.  But if those examples had started to confirm the direction I began going in three years ago...the week that just passed, December 28 to January 4--cemented it.

It was during that week that two very important things occurred...and that the reaction to these two news stories from the Democrats was such that any residual shred of respect, compassion, or deference that I had for any of them just went right down the toilet.  First, there was a tragic church shooting in White Settlement, Texas.  And as tragic as the shooting was, the number of deaths was minimized by a churchgoer, carrying his own weapon, shooting and killing the assailant.  As a result, only two people lost their lives--tragic in it's own right, yes...but far less that what would have surely been the case if this armed worshiper hadn't sprung into action.  But instead of being thankful for this loss of life, many Leftists, online and elsewhere, bemoaned the fact that this hero and others in the church were armed in the first place!  Beto O'Rorke tweeted that what they are doing in Texas clearly isn't working, in spite of Texas law providing for this hero to protect his fellow churchgoers.  USA Today--which you might me surprised to learn still exists in this era of dwindling newspaper subscribers--claimed it was "terrifying" that so many people in the church were armed, despite the fact that there would have been massive loss of life if they weren't armed.

But that was just the opening act from the Left.

Later in the week, President Trump launched an operation in which a drone attack killed the top military leader in Iran, a guy who had been personally responsible for the death and injury of countless Americans over the years.  His macabre resume of destruction was one that could hardly be imagined by a civilized person, yet it was all too real.  And yet, on a day in which one would expect Americans to come together and praise the death of one of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous enemies that our nation has ever had the misfortune to come across...there were the Democrats and the Leftists, criticizing the actions of our President in bringing this terrorist to justice.  A Democratic Presidential candidate even said the unthinkable, that "taking out a bad guy isn't necessarily a good idea".

This reflection process that I have been undertaking--and this last week in particular--have only reinforced what I stated three years ago.  When I see the Democrats advocating for Illegal Aliens, trying to take our weapons (and God help the people of Virginia, who are quite literally in the crosshairs of the Democrats on this issue as we speak), and poo pooing the armed defense of innocent people--whether in a church by a private citizen, or on the world stage by a courageous President--it is clear to me that they want this nation, as we currently know it and recognize it, to be brought to an end...and perhaps a grisly end at that.  They are as dangerous as any terrorist organization or any rogue nation we might face down elsewhere on the globe.  The Democrats are literal danger to you, I, and our children.  They must be disassociated from American politics by whatever means possible.

After three years, yes, I am more confident than ever that we must Outlaw the Democrats.  My journey of reflection has become one of reinforcement.

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