Monday, February 27, 2017

On "Unity" and "Coming Together"

How many times, over the last few months, have you heard someone talk about the need for "unity" in America?  Or someone talk about the need for us to "come together".  It sounds like an attractive idea--particularly after one of the more contentious elections in American history.  It sounds real "Warm and Fuzzy"...almost like the end of one of those "very special" episodes of the sitcoms we watched back in the 1980's.  But whenever I hear calls for us all to "come together" or for "unity", I'm always left with one question:

Come together behind what, exactly???

Could we unify behind shared moral principals and a shared vision of "right and wrong"?  That would be sensible--and a great number of societies through history have been unified behind such things.  But in the climate today, I don't think this is possible.  The Democratic Party has booed God at not one, but TWO of their conventions in a row.  In addition, at the recent Town Hall meetings in which George Soros' thugs have been infiltrating, there is video of them protesting and interrupting prayers at the start of the town halls, and objection the the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Pledge of Allegiance, for crying out loud!  Here's a link with the video (Hat Tip:  Townhall):

Stunning to actually see that visually, isn't it?  I know...I was shocked by it, too...and I didn't think it was still possible for me to be shocked by Democrats and Leftists.  But shock me they did.  Ok, so it's clear that we can't unify behind shared moral and religious ideals at this point in history.  Maybe we could unify behind the basic idea of Patriotism..that's an obvious thing for us to unify behind, right?

Well, you would think so...but during his Inaugural address, President Trump made exactly that case--that America should unify behind patriotism and national pride.  However, IMMEDIATELY upon completion of the speech, journalists and other assorted Leftists completely flipped out over that portion of Trump's speech.  Never mind that 20 years ago, a President discussing patriotism in a speech of any sort would barely have been noticed--let alone criticized by anyone.  In 2017, simply calling for unity behind Patriotism is enough to classify someone as "Hitlerian" (as MSNBC's Chris Matthews referred to it).  Others criticized the phrase "America First", as though putting our own house in order and taking care of ourselves is somehow offensive.

So mark Patriotism off the list of "things that could possibly unify us"...

Ok...well, if we can't unify behind shared moral principals...and we can't unify behind patriotism...then there is one last ditch thing that has unified societies throughout world that that has even served to unify America in the past during contentious times...the most obvious thing that a society should be able to unify behind.

We can unify in opposition to a common enemy.  This is something that brought us together during many contentious periods in our history, and for all of the back and forth sniping during the 20th Century, we would all come together, by and large, when the Soviet Union demonstrated any sort of threatening behavior towards us.  In fact, as World History goes, having a common enemy and being involved in a war seems to be the one SURE way for a nation or a society to unify.

...Except that today, we can't even agree on who our enemies are.  Liberals don't seem to think that Muslims are America's enemy (in spite of the FREAKIN' WORLD TRADE CENTER being brought down by them on 9/11, and the countless attacks by Muslims since), while they continue to push Russia being a contemporary enemy of the United States...despite Russia not having been involved in any of the attacks we've seen on our shores since 9/11.

So if a nation can't unify behind shared moral/religious principles, shared pride in their history and culture, shared patriotism, or shared common enemies...just what in the Hell are we supposed to unify behind???

I suppose Democrats want us to unify behind rights for terrorists, letting perverts use the bathroom of the opposite sex, and hatred of America's history and culture.

If that's what "unity" boils down to, then I'd stay as far away from "unity" as I possibly could!

Now is not a time for unity...instead, it is a time for conflict--intellectually, verbally, at the ballot box, and--if things continue down the path they are on--physically as well.

There will be no true "unity" in America until the Democrats are barred from taking any part whatsoever in American society.

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