Friday, February 24, 2017

Outlaw the Democrats...And Yes, I Mean That Literally!

Outlaw the Democrats?  Isn't that a bit harsh???

Well, no...but I'll acknowledge that the thought probably requires a bit of an explanation for most people.  I definitely--at this point in history--believe that the Democratic Party is unequivocally harmful to America, and that our nation would be far better off without it being in existence.  And while that likely seems quite harsh to many of you, it is the result of a 25 year political journey for me.  A political journey that I suspect began as so many others do...but which has led me to a point where I am re-considering much of what I have been taught throughout my life about debate, fairness, freedom, and the "give and take" of American politics.

I grew up in a rural, Conservative area (Conservative both politically and socially.  "The best of both worlds" one might say...though I didn't necessarily recognize this at the time).  However, despite growing up in that political environment, I came from a family that was largely apolitical.  My immediate family really didn't have any strong political leanings one way or the other, and political ideology was rarely--if ever--discussed.  Sure, the occasional politician might come up in conversation...but in terms of overall political philosophy, it just wasn't something that ever came up during my youth (despite my having at least a passing interest in politics and elections during my youth--I'd always be the kid turning on the TV and watching election results). So by the time I was 18 years old and ready to cast my vote (the 1992 Presidential election was my first), I was sort of a blank slate politically--at least as much of one as I suspect anybody really is at that point.

I began my voting life truly intending to follow the advice of "vote for the best candidate...not for the party".  But I noticed a funny thing happening during my first couple of elections--I found myself voting almost exclusively for Republicans.  Not out of any sort of party loyalty (I had none, at that point) or any sort of well crafted, developed political ideology (I didn't have that yet, either).  But instead out of a far more basic motivation:  the more I heard Democratic politicians speak, I noticed that I never seemed to hear them espouse viewpoints or causes that I agreed with.  From then-President Clinton down, it seemed damn near impossible for me to find a Democrat who would come down on the same side of an issue that I did, or who emphasized the same types of issues that I thought should be highly prioritized in America.  There was never an intent on my part to vote exclusively Republican in those was just that it seemed to be the only sane alternative, given what most Democrats were pushing in terms of cultural issues, social issues, national security, taxation, and a host of other areas.

This is not to say that I entirely agreed with Republicans on everything--my ongoing, 25 year love/hate relationship with the GOP might be an interesting topic for a future post--but if the Republicans were sometimes wrong (and they were), the Democrats seemed to always be wrong.  And not only did the Democrats seem to always be wrong...but they seemed to be living in an entirely different country (or perhaps even another planet) from where I was living, given their interpretation of America, it's history, it's founding documents, and their vision for it's future.

Ok, so all of that explains my disagreement with the Democratic Party.  But how does one go from mere disagreement and end up at the point where I am today--believing that the Democratic Party and it's influence must be eliminated from America by whatever means are necessary?  That is a pretty significant jump, is it not?

I arrive at this point because I look at the last 25 years of my political life...and look back even further towards the last 50 years...perhaps even 75 years...of American History.  And as I look back through these time periods, I see the unabashed damage that the Democratic Party has done.  From FDR's creation of a Federal monolith that interfered in the lives of literally every single American--setting the expectation that the Federal Government would be a provider of all things and a part of all decisions in an American's daily life--to FDR's creation of Social Security (America's single biggest mistake--and the program that has done the most, far and away, to put our nation in the financial peril that it is in today) LBJ's so-called "Great Society" (which curtailed Black America's economic and social rise in America, instead of helping it along as the mythology of the historians would tell you it did) the Civil Rights Era in which the desire for "fairness" was used to justify the Federal Government taking away the rights of both businesses and individuals to freely associate with whom they wished (and which has been used as justification today to force businesses and individual to turn their backs on God so that a gay couple can have a cake at their ceremony) the countless attacks on National Security and constant consideration for the "rights" of America's enemies who want nothing more than all of our the constant assaults on the stable, two-parent family and traditional values that have stood humanity in good stead for thousands of the aggressive attacks on our gun rights (and thereby, our natural right of self defense) Obamacare, which destroyed the greatest healthcare system that humankind had ever the millions of innocent babies who have been murdered because of their insistence that Infanticide/Abortion is somehow a "Women's Health" issue.

And that's only a partial list.

Literally everything that the Democratic Party has advocated for during my lifetime (and even for a few decades before) has been horrifically damaging for America.  Now, like most of you, I was taught all of my life that all voices should be heard--that all viewpoints have some sort of intrinsic value, and that when we openly discuss and debate the issues, we are all better for it in the long run.  Moreover, I was always told that the Constitution facilitated an environment where this could happen.  I was always taught--and until recently, I believed on some level--that allowing all viewpoints to have a seat at the table and everybody having input was, in the end, what was best for us all.

But when we look at the track record of the Democratic agenda over the last 75 years (which is to say, when we look at the financial peril, national security peril, cultural morass, vacuum of morality, and literal dead bodies that have resulted from the Democratic agenda), how can we honestly say that allowing the Democrats to have a seat at the table--allowing them to participate in the political process at all--has been positive for America in any way, shape, or form?

You can't.  It's just that simple.

So I arrive at this point--the point that I realize Democrats destroy America.  Whether when they are in power themselves, or even when they are out of power but still have influence in America by way of the media, journalists, academics, and the judiciary.  And I arrive at the obvious--if somewhat uncomfortable--realization that, in order for America to truly be great and to truly have a future, we must rid ourselves of the Democratic Party and of Modern Liberalism once and for all.

Is this legal or even possible under the Constitution?  Perhaps not presently, at least not entirely--but by starting this discussion now, perhaps we can begin the long, difficult journey of bringing society to the point where the Constitution can be amended in ways that will make this more possible.  In the meantime, we will continue to advocate for any and all methods--whether allowable by the Constitution or not--that encumber or prevent Democrats from influencing, having power, holding political office, or influencing America in any way.  The discussion begins with this website, the work begins now.  Anything that can be done to deny a Democrat or a Liberal of their Civil Rights is something that I will be in favor of, and something that I will advocate for on this page.

The Democratic Party has added nothing of value to the American tapestry in the 20th Century.  It is time they are outlawed--literally--in America.  Our future depends upon it.


  1. I keep thinking if we get one more judge like gorsuch, trump while not banning the Dems make be able to ban things that make democrats democrats through the SCOTUS via constitutional interpretation. I swear if we took the bueracracy to court and struck their federal control as unconstitutional, that sets pretender that destroys everything the Dems stand for

    1. Please excuse the spelling errors, damn auto correct.

      *struck down

    2. There is no doubt--the Judicial Branch in general (and the Supreme Court in particular) have been the key weapons that Leftists have used in order to perpetrate their slow destruction of our nation. It might take two or three more justices to truly take that weapon out of their hands--but nonetheless, Gorsuch is a great start. Heck, for that reason alone, Trump's first term must be considered a tremendous success already!