Saturday, February 3, 2018

How Do You Punish the Democratic Party for Their Collusion With The FBI?

When we began this website nearly a year ago, it all sprouted forth from one question that I asked on my radio show:

"What do you do when a sitting political party crosses the line from simply being a disagreeable political opponent...and they instead raise to the level of a national security threat?"

That question was uncomfortable for a lot of people when I asked it on my program, and when I went through the process of fleshing out this idea on the air.  And it became even more uncomfortable for some when I created this website.  It is understandable that we would all like to believe that those who have been elected to public office--even those we vehemently disagree with--would never turn their backs on our country, would never become a danger to us, and would never attempt to perpetrate a coup (silent or otherwise) upon our shores.  Yet, given the memo that was released by the House Intelligence Committee yesterday (You can read the entire memo, as well as some bullet points of the key findings, here), we now know this to be the case.  We know that a Presdential candidate, and her political party, colluded with the FBI first in an attempt to steal a Presidential election, and when that wasn't successful, then to spy on the new administration in an attempt to remove President Trump from office.  That's simply not "politics as usual"...that is a cohesive attempt to infiltrate our highest levels of power, and to procure control of our government for anti-American means.

At this point, I will try and resist the urge to use the phrase, "I told you so"...

But now that we know all that we know, we are confronted with some sobering--and difficult--questions.  What does a nation and a people do next, once actions like this come to light?  What should be our first priority when treasonous actions--the likes of which we haven't seen since Julius & Ethel Rosenburg, at the very least--are brought out into the open? 

No form of government is perfect--as with anything created by human beings, there will always be weak points or areas of vulnerability.  I think that America's history demonstrates that our Founding Fathers came closer than most to that "perfection" that we all seek after when creating a nation or a government, but even they didn't quite achieve group of humans can.  Within our government and our justice system, we do have mechanisms in place to deal with individuals who commit illegal actions or who--even worse--deal in election fraud and even treason.  It is my fervent hope that the Department of Justice will follow through with these mechanisms, not only with the highly-placed FBI agents and Democratic Party officials who were involved, but also that they will included Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in this dragnet, as they, ultimately, were the key players.  So we have a roadmap for what we do with the individuals--arrest, trial, conviction, and then prison or execution--it is only a matter of whether or not the nation has the political will or gumption to follow through with that process.

However, that process only deals with the individuals who were involved...what about the political party that spearheaded these actions?  That's the one weak point here...under our form of government, we do not have a clear mechanism for dealing with political parties and individual voters  who aid and abet acts of treason.  In other words, the Democratic Party needs to be punished for this just as the individuals named in the memo need to be punished...but how can that be done under our current system?

That question is a quite vexing one, indeed.  The bottom line is that the Democratic Party must be removed from political and societal life in America.  That is the only level of justice that would be appropriate, given the findings of the memo.  Likewise, registered Democratic voters must be prohibited from voting--they must be expunged from the voter roles.  After all, they played a key role in aiding and supporting the party that engaged in these actions, and furthermore, are out there even today supporting those actions on social media, in the op-ed pages of newspapers, and elsewhere.  Clearly, those voters are part of the problem, and they must be punished as well, right along with the Democratic Party.

But how?  How can the punishment that is required in the eyes of justice for the Democratic Party and their voters be implemented within a government system that hasn't accounted for that possibility?  It's a vexing question, indeed.  Our only hope in the short term is to pressure individual states to remove the party from their ballots and to purge their voter roles...but of course, there will be an endless amount of court cases that would stem from that.  I don't pretend to have the answer to that question today...but I do think this incident can serve to wake us up as to a "weak point" in our form of government and our judicial system.

We need to have a Constitutional mechanism by which political parties and their individual voters can be punished when they engage in anti-American or treasonous action.  It's all a gray area--legally--at this point.  It's time we begin looking at possible drafts of a new Constitutional Amendment in order to account for this.

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May God bless America during this difficult time, and give us the wisdom and the gumption to do what must be done in order to save our Republic.

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